Das-mas cactus

How to make a better version of the cactus? Honestly, I’m afraid to even touch the first one: it flips over easily, diffuser caps fall out sometimes and half of the lights don’t work anyways. Improving on this shouldn’t be too hard.


Home-made diffuser caps for LEDs

The first catctus (Frankencactus) turned out surprisingly well, in the sense of adding coziness of the space. Despite it’s technical flaws, it was appreciated by visitors and flatmates. Great success!


Frankencactus: crappy, cute and blinking without a microcontroller

I only had two plants in my room and they both died within a month or so. Maybe, if they involved LEDs, sensors and wires I would think about them more often. What started as a stupid joke, ended up as a cool one-day project: making a cactus with LEDs!

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