Something's cooking...

At this point, I had a disassembled DVD player and I knew the audio amplifier and its pinout. Also, voltages on the power pins looked okay. It was time to test it using my phone, an AUX cable and awkwardly holding three wires on the 3.5mm jack connector - but IT WORKED! The audio circuit is STILL ALIVE AND KICKIN’!

Also, the photo shows my super neat and professional work environment. I miss that room, it was a really cosy place :)

messy workplace, on a sofa and a coffe table

My favourite part of this project started here - putting everything together. Oh man, for a long time I had this idea of a random cooking pot sitting on my bookshelf and playing music, it had to be done.

There were some old pots sitting in our basement where we had somekind of a in-house second hand shop (free, old stuff). I choose one which was big enough to fit the PCB, drilled the holes for connectors, buttons and LEDs and…. eh, I’ll let the photos speak:

I probably already mentioned that I am not too confident in my electronics knowledge. One of the things I was worried about was having the 220V coming into my metal pot, which doesn’t sound safe. But since the power supply circuit came from a commercial DVD player and it seemed well protected I went with it. Added some isolation to prevent accitental contants and shorts - is this needed? What would be the safe and proper way to put such a thing in a metal pot? Educate me, please, I’ve got no electrical-engineering friends :)

In the end it turned out like this:

front view

back view